Friday, March 31, 2006


Tell me about your girl


tell me about her crooked smile, her shining eye
the turn of her ankle, the swell of her hip, the curve of her spine
tell me how her laughs gurgle
tell me of dimpled elbows and pointed chin and quirky eyebrow
of her hopes and fears
tell me how she rests her head on your knee when she’s tired
how she sits at your feet when she dreams
how she chews her hair when she tries to think of a way
to tell the truth without hurting somebody
and how she does it when she lies
tell me how she always knows how you’re feeling
and rarely what you’re thinking
but always finds a way to make you high
how she’ll annoy you no end, then turn around and make you fall for her all over again
tell me about this girl
or even just say
that you love her
and I’ll be her for you,
for you I will

yeah, you

I realize that you have your own life to live
I do
The incessant reminders to you
of my existence
serve no other purpose
than to keep me aware of yours
Perhaps this is what they call obsession

stupid teen angst

This is something I have to deal with on my own
But I find I cannot
It is not fair to leave me to clean this mess by myself
Let it only be said of me that I make not the same mistake twice
and I will be satisfied
Yet every time it is the same
Tell me why I had to invest, and I can fix it; I can
I can give it a try
Can you not touch me, any way at all?
Will you not vouchsafe a word?
You said nothing would change
Everything has changed