Thursday, May 25, 2006

sun corner

Let me sit here, and dream awhile
before all the responsibilities come swooping back
let laziness float languidly around me
and watch the world pass me by
temporary respite from temporal troubles
jolly holiday
panic has let me be
and loneliness is just a muted memory of unhappier times

how beautiful it is to love to be alive

Thursday, May 18, 2006

for fu knows who

Baby scuffs her toe in the sand, little foot clad in once-gleaming pink; one sock still white, the other unrecognizable. Up comes little head and large eyes beseeching. Little mouth pouts, "I frowns", she announces. Why does baby frown? Baby does not know. "I frowns", she offers, a little crease now appearing in the sweaty little forehead. She looks vaguely toward where, with shrieks unremitting, her cousins and siblings play in the foaming surf. A little gleam in the eye which fixes now on hapless protectors. Ice cream, says papa, in despair. Lollipop, is mama's noble contribution. Baby treats the proposals with the scathing scorn they deserve. "Wanna play", she decides. "Wanna play in the water." Oh no, baby, no. The sea is far too dangerous for you! A flash of the eye, up comes the stubborn chin. Little lower lip begins to quiver, shining eyes dim with tears, and soon, very soon, pink shoes lie stranded in a little rock pool.
Oh, but baby knows. Baby knows exactly how to get her way.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

haiku for the mo

the edge of a cliff
she stands, silver; moonlight bright
arch, and spring, and splash

tormented seeking freedom
in motionless pool find it

Monday, May 15, 2006

not as good as cat

So I held out my hands, palms upwards. Helpless, hopeless, with that mocking aching band around my heart. And you took my hands, one to each of yours, linked fingers and squeezed. Slipped an arm around my waist, palm against the small of my back. Tilted up my chin and said, smile, little one. Kissed me and whispered in my ear, you will be fine.
Took me for a walk by moonlight, my arm through yours and my head on your shoulder. Smell of wet earth and sounds of traffic in the distance. Bats and birds and stars and moon and breezes and sighs. Companionable silence and music in my head.
What? Imagination is good therapy too.

Friday, May 12, 2006

butterscotch tuberoses

I want someone to take my hand
without consent
and lead me away, spin me around
press me up against a wall someplace
fusty, musty, dusty
kiss me within an inch of my life.
I want to be dizzy and breathless and weak at the knees;
to never be able to think of it without
a blush on my cheek
and a laugh in my eye
This is what I want, love
now tell me which of you will be the one
to jump my bones

for the star

It's a sphere. Seed pearl begins on unoccupied space. Feed the beast till it rages thunderstorms. Say; this I let go, and this, and this. All out of me, leaving placid calm. Swirling expansion to great glowing glass. Lift it up high, the gleaming globe.
Leave go, leave go; watch it smash crash tinkle clash splinter shatter splash.
Glimmering shards of liberation. Laugh, and say, isn't life fabulous!

Unbreakable is such a negative term.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

fulfilling obligations

i breathed it all in
inhaled to outer extents
dreamed it
bubble expanding, threshold reached
ruptured quietly
fractured softly
leaving me to retreat
to silence, to recuperate
hush, my darling
i am trying to hear myself think

Friday, May 5, 2006

dinner party

She uncurled lazily, fuzzily, like a blue-clad kitten.
The light had grown dim and the conversation had muted to a low buzz interspersed with little annoying whines whenever someone tried to make a point. She sat on the floor at his feet, her head on his knee, and gleaned.
Intelligent conversation for grown-ups, she thought. Politics in semantics, culture in cypher. Nonsense. Why are adults so eager to say things with the least possible content using the most bombastic language?
I always believe six impossible things before breakfast, she thought, to paraphrase.
And then she smiled, a little delighted grin, at the pure deliciousness of it.

He slipped down to sit at her side on the floor, his arm across her shoulders. He brushed his nose in her hair and tickled her ear with his breath.
What's so funny? he asked.
Nothing, she said.
Everything, she said.